1st Light – Reflection and Remembering

1st Light – Reflection and Remembering

1st Light – Reflection and Remembering

 Friday 1st November 2019

As part of Allhallowtide celebrations the city will host 1st Light, a series of events on 1st  November, aimed at bringing people together in reflection to honour the dead.

Allhallowtide or Hallowmas is the triduum of Western Christian observances to remember and honour the dead which includes All saints Eve (Hallowe’en), All Saints Day (All Hallows) and All Souls Day.

Local traditions include setting a place at the table for those departed, attending mass or special services, lighting candles or placing lanterns, gifts or flowers on graves.

In almost every culture there is a belief that the dead should be honoured, be it out of respect or a fear of ghostly retribution. In some cultures there are holidays set aside specifically to commemorate the dead, which vary from reserved veneration to an all-out party celebration.

Friday 1st November

1st Light Lantern Making Workshops

1st Light Song & Light

As darkness descends upon the day and the air is filled with an autumnal chill, gather around and listen to our local choirs as they fill the Guildhall Square with song and light:

1st Light- Lantern laying

Come along and place your lantern in a collective display of remembrance, reflection and love.

St Columb’s Cathedral


St Columb’s Cathedral will host a special evening of remembrance and reflection. The service will include music played on the church organ between 7pm -7.30pm and religious service beginning at 7.30pm. Following the service, those in attendance will be able to write special intentions down and place them on a tree for those who have passed and they wish to remember. All welcome.​


St Eugene’s Cathedral


St Eugene’s Cathedral will host a special opportunity for family and friends of people who have died to come together in reflection and remembrance. The interior lights will be dimmed and the stained glass windows will be illuminated. The choral performance will commence at 7pm and this will be followed by Mass at 7:30pm. Everyone Welcome!