Carnival Care

Carnival Care

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Enjoy Hallowe’en Safely, Enjoy Hallowe’en Sensibly 

Make your plans with us and be part of an event for all the family
 Winner of the ‘Best Hallowe’en Destination’ in the World, the annual outdoor Hallowe’en Celebration  now welcomes over 120,000 people to City and District from far and wide with a packed programme of events. As part of the event, Derry City and Strabane District Council, in association with agencies has initiated a Carnival Care Campaign to raise awareness of the need for responsible behaviour at this time.



There a number of alcohol free zones and marshals to ensure you enjoy the event with your family. Make sure you check your travel arrangements and arrival times.


Fletcher Avenue continuing along the River Foyle Walkway, Council offices and Car Parks to the City Hotel.


Guildhall Square, Waterloo Place, Strand Road Pedestrian Zone, Guildhall Street, Custom House Street, Lower Magazine Street and Union Hall Place.  City centre locations in and around the historic City Walls.  


In and around Melvin Race Track 




  • Assembly Carnival Parade: 6.15pm Queen’s Quay Car Park
  • Carnival Parade Start Time: Queen’s Quay Car Park @ 7.15pm
  • Carnival Route: Queen’s Quay Car Park, making its way across Boating Club Lane and up Strand Road towards Harbour Square Roundabout, Foyle Embankment to Water Street and travels back down Queen’s Quay to the Council offices.
  • Carnival Parade Finish Time: 8pm
  • Fireworks Display Start Time: 8.15pm Derry and Strabane
  • Fireworks Finish Time: 8.30pm
  • Music In Guildhall Square: 8.30pm – 10pm
  • Homeward Bound: 10pm on 31st October



  • Circle or Terror – Melvin Race opens 6.30pm
  • Fireworks Start time.  8.30pm 
  • Fireworks End Time: 8.40pm   


Carnival Care Campaign initiatives include:

  • Safety in the City & District is a key priority and many agencies work together to plan and manage events that are safe and minimise the misuse of alcohol. A large number of stewards and PSNI officers will be on duty to provide information and assistance.  Police will be monitoring and seizing alcohol from anyone under the age of 18 and dealing with any street drinking. 
  • Community Safety Wardens employed by Derry City and Strabane District Council will be working in the estates and educational precinct to provide advice and assistance to anyone that they perceive to be in need. This will include directing people, who need to get home or to accommodation or advise on local transportation provision. 
  • Event stewards, staff from community organisations, local volunteers Long Tower Youth Group, Our Space and Off the streets .Council and local and police will be on the ground working pro-actively together as a positive presence, providing support and helping to ensure alcohol misuse is minimised.
  • Police will be working with licenced premises in the run up to the event and will be carrying out visits to off-sales and licenced premises to liaise with staff regarding obligations.  Police will also checking that Licensed Premises are operating ‘Challenge 21’ systems.  Council Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) will be carrying out visits to workplaces including some licensed premises and off-sales in the run up to the event, to discuss the importance of employers managing health and safety.  During these visits EHOs will also take the opportunity to reinforce key messages regarding alcohol.



  • Fireworks Safety

When buying fireworks, only buy from a licensed retailer. All retailers must display a warning notice stating “It is illegal to sell Category F1 (Indoor) fireworks to anyone under the age of 16, Category F2 (Garden) and Category F3 (Display) fireworks to anyone under the age of 18”. The notice must be prominently displayed so that it can be easily read by persons at the point of sale.   Retailers are required to display their certificates of registration at the point of sale. 

Remember if using fireworks, follow the Firework Safety Code – for more information view 



Advice for Parents


  •  Discuss and agree where your child will be on the night.
  • Discuss and agree with your child on a reasonable time to be home.
  • Discuss and agree with your child on how they will get to and from an event.
  • Arrange a meeting point e.g. Guildhall, The Diamond or the City Hotel.
  • You and your child should ensure that you can be contacted. It is wise to have a friend’s number and/or have the phone number and address of the event (if practical).
  • If your child is going to a friend’s house, find out which adults will be present. 
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged and if possible you have credit (however remember that emergency 999 calls are always free);
  • As a parent/responsible adult, it would be wise to moderate your alcohol intake in case of emergency.  If you have agreed to be a driver in case of an emergency, avoid drinking alcohol.

Teenagers & Hallowe’en

  • Be organised
  • Accompany your teenagers into the town centre, know where they are and arrange to meet up or have their travel plans in place when the event is over
  • Taxi points are available



Halloween Costume Safety


Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Environmental Health team are trying to raise awareness in the run up to Halloween, in order to reduce the risks that costumes and accessories can pose for children.

Anyone planning to buy a Halloween costume online or from local suppliers is urged to check labels and packaging to ensure they are fully safety compliant and from a recognised retailer.

Costumes intended for use by children must carry the necessary labelling and important CE safety mark.

The following safety advice is available from as part of their ‘Put safety first at Halloween’ message.

Parents should be aware of the potential dangers of their children wearing fancy dress costumes, either shop bought or home-made, if they’re around fireworks, sparklers, or open flames (such as pumpkins with candles).


If a child is wearing a fancy dress costume this Halloween:

  • keep them away from naked flames – avoid using a naked flame or candle in pumpkins; use a torch, glow stick or battery-operated candle
  • stop, drop and roll if clothing does catch on fire – to try to put the flames out and also to stop the flames from rising towards the face
  • choose a costume and mask that doesn’t restrict a child’s visibility or vision
  • make sure they wear woollen tights or ‘heavy’ trousers (jeans) and a woollen jumper under the costume
  • supervise them well at all times

Look out for costumes that are labelled ‘Low Flammability’ ‘BS5722’ or have the European code ‘BS EN 14878’.

Alcohol – Key Messages

Everyone playing their part

Our Hallowe’en celebrations is a time to celebrate but we want to encourage everyone to play their part in making it a successful event.


“Enjoy the Craic” but behave responsibly and be aware that the way in which you behave will be an example to younger members of your family.
Be a positive role model for children and young people attending the event. Take responsibility for your child/young person’s whereabouts and behaviour.
 It is illegal to purchase alcohol for under 18s – commonly known as proxy purchasing.  Anyone found to be buying alcohol for minors or sending them to buy alcohol, could face a fine of up to £5000 or prison of up to 6 months or both.


Enjoy the Carnival but be safe. Agree a safe meeting point.
Drinking alcohol doesn’t need to be part of the celebration. For young people, drinking Alcohol is harmful as your body is still developing.
Binge drinking makes you ill and damages your health. You are at greater risk of accidents and assaults. It makes you unsafe. It ruins your night as well as others.
 The police will be monitoring and seizing alcohol from anyone under 18. It’s ok not to drink. The longer you delay drinking alcohol the less likely it is you will have problems in your later life.

Advice for Young People

Under 18 Entertainment & Homeward Bound

  • Entertainment on Hallowe’en night will finish at 10pm and in Strabane at 8.40pm. 


Enjoy the Night safely and sensibly

  • Drinking alcohol doesn’t need to be part of the night.
  • The police will be monitoring and seizing alcohol from anyone under 18
  • Know your limits
  • Avoid alcohol when feeling down
  • Do not mix drink and drugs
  • Do not leave your friends


 Plan your safe journey home

  • Drinking alcohol doesn’t need to be part of the night.
  • The police will be monitoring and seizing alcohol from anyone under 18.
  • Know your limits
  • Avoid alcohol when feeling down.
  • Do not mix drink and drugs.
  • Do not leave your friends.
  • Plan your safe journey home.
  • Make sure parents know your plans.
  • Have fun.
  • Arrange a meeting place if you and your friends get separated. (however, remember that emergency 999 calls are always free). 
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged and if possible you have credit (however remember that emergency 999 calls are always free).
  • If you are going to a friend’s house, make sure your parents know which adults will be present;
  • Pubs, clubs and off licences will all check for ID on Hallowe’en night.
  • No one under 18 will be able to gain entry and all identification will be checked.
  • If they cannot recognise you from identification due to your costume you will be turned away.

  ID Requirement 

To ensure your safety, alcohol cannot be carried on the streets (and will be seized from anyone who cannot prove they are over 18), marshals, community safety wardens and police officers will be on duty. 

Useful Numbers

For more information on the carnival care initiative contact 


Derry City Strabane District Council

028 7125 3253


028 7126 9327




0800 808 8000


0800 1111



Community Crisis Intervention Service


Emergency Services (Police, Fire & Ambulance)


Police (Non-emergency)