Carnival Parade



International Halloween Street Carnival Parade

In the City of Bones, as 400 year old walls shudder
The veil draws back, between this world and the other
From every ancient burial chamber and faerie mound
The souls of the ancestors rise up and descend on the town
So come don guises be ye a witch or banshee
And join in the party and set your spirits free
As a Samhain moon beckons the Otherworld Awakens 
Prepare to be shaken as the otherworld awakens! Our Samhain Parade is conjured by carnival artists, dancers and circus performers from communities across the north west and beyond.

So, don’t fear, just put on your disguise and marvel and gasp as the City of Bones puts on a show that’s out of this world

Where : City Centre – Departs Queen’s Quay
Dates: 31st October 
Times: 7.15pm
Admission: Free | Suitable for all ages