Gotcha! 🎃 April Fools’ from #DerryHalloween!

Well, well, well… It seems you’ve been tricked by our little prank! There’s no need to send your costume designs six months in advance because every day is a costume party when it comes to Derry Halloween!

No Costume Committee, Just Pure Celebration! 

Our ‘Costume Approval Committee’ is as real as a Walter de Burgh winning a limbo contest… make no bones about it!

We wanted to share a giggle and a spook with our favourite ghouls and boys, but rest assured, the only thing we’ll be reviewing is the incredible fun to be had at this year’s festival.

Unleash Your Imagination! 

While we had a bit of a lark with our April Fool’s announcement, we’re dead serious about seeing your most creative, spectacular, and supernaturally stylish costumes this year. The Derry Halloween Festival is a place where the fantastical comes to life, and we can’t wait to be spellbound by your amazing outfits.

Join the Festivities!

Mark your calendar for a Halloween filled with enchanting surprises, thrilling events, and a parade of the most spectacular costumes on this side of the spirit world.

So, conjure up your most captivating cloaks, your wildest witch’s hats, and your most out-of-this-world outfits. Come to Derry Halloween ready to dazzle, and who knows? You might just be the one to bewitch us all with your flair!

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