The Walled City’s Tastes of Hell


Silver street

34-38 ship quay street

Silver Street is one of the best bars and restaurants located in Derry-Londonderry, they have a great selection of food and drinks on offer with the lead up to Halloween they will be having Halloween cocktails and a Halloween themed menu on the day of Halloween, do you dare to try?



12-14 Castle Street

Brickworks is standing as one of the most exciting bars in Derry-Londonderry. They will be displaying Halloween projections through the week for this year’s Halloween with a selection of drinks on promotion.


brickwork www 2

Willy Nillys

7 Waterloo Street

Willy Nillys located across from a very busy Waterloo street is a café styled Restaurant with hot and cold beverages available. For any Families looking for a great feel to Halloween they are putting on a special Halloween Milkshake for one week only to celebrate Halloween. Filled with some ghoulishly delightful flavours!


Bentley Bar & Restaurant

1-3 market street

One of the most popular local establishments in Derry-Londonderry is great for everyone and always has a great vibe around the season of Halloween. They will be displaying their popular steakhouse Menu and it really shows the flavours of the walled City as it focuses a lot on local cuisine.




2-4 bridge street

Located in the centre of Derry-Londonderry, highly recommended to everyone, great food on offer, known for Very valuable prices with 30% off every day on the week of Halloween for both food and drink, which is perfect to kick off your Halloween spirit for our fantastic week Halloween.


City Hotels’ Thompsons restaurants

 Queen’s Quay

Fine dining in Derry-Londonderry. Great for families looking to get a great view of the Halloween parade on the quay. Eat a meal while having the best seat in the house to watch the parade. Advised to book soon as will be in high demand!




Queens Quay

Having two great establishments based in Derry this restaurant, Patisserie and cocktail bar this is perfect to relax and unwind during the Halloween break providing some Halloween cocktails on offer and delicious food based on local ingredients will for sure spark the taste of the Walled city on Halloween.


The Guildhall Tap house

5 Guildhall street

A really cosy and welcoming bar in Derry-Londonderry with its own unique and Quirky feel located in the heart of the city. They have crafted beer on tap where no other bars in the city will have on offer and would be perfect for the feel of Halloween with a Halloween menu on for the Week perfect for visitors looking to experience the full feel of the walled city.



Quay west Wine bar & restaurant

28 boating club lane

If you dare venture out from the comfort of the City on Halloween, you will come across a beautiful Restaurant known for its great food and fantastic wine just a 5-minute walk from the Walls. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a fantastic meal with a great service and price and for the full week of Halloween they will have 30% off all food and drink. They will be having prizes for the best costumes on Halloween.



Water street

Great quirky bar located just off a very busy Foyle street, great pace for a night out and to relax on the week of Halloween, get your hands on some local beverages!



Grannie Annie’s

24 the diamond

A Brand-new and refurbished establishment located in the centre of Derry offering a wide variety of food and drinks it has a great feel and expect an amazing atmosphere during the week of Halloween as they prepare for a busy week, local food, and beers on offer to all customers.



Ebrington square

This restaurant is located just a 5-minute walk from Foyle street following a scenic route over the peace bridge to Ebrington square where you can eat a delicious meal with a great setting at Ollies. Seating areas outside and inside. Great food on offer and would be great for family’s and food lovers on Halloween.



Shipquay Restaurant

15-17 ship quay street

Newly opened Shipquay Hotel is a boutique hotel; it has a great restaurant offering fantastic food and beverages. Perfect to experience Halloween in Derry-Londonderry where everything is located a stone through away.


Browns in town 

21 strand road

Browns in town is a fantastic restaurant located two minutes’ walk from the guildhall square it is the best in town for fine dining in Derry-Londonderry. Come along on the Halloween week and experience the great tastes of the Walled City.



Nonnas wood fired pizzas

10 Ship quay Street

 Come and experience the best pizza in the city, it is a great place for kids on Halloween and for the kids they will be having grilled cobwebs on the menu (kid’s pizza) for one week only.


Spaghetti Junction

46 William street

Spaghetti junction known for its Italian cuisine and great food is providing a 2-day godfather experience. Anyone who attends is in for a great experience.

Facebook @spaghettijunctionderry

Contact – 028 7141 4242


Sandwich company

6 bishop street

A small local café chain located in Derry known for its great coffees and lunches is a great place to sit on the week of Halloween in a great location to relax and unwind. It is very cheap and delivers with great quality and everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Facebook @thesandwichco.diamond

Contact – 028 7137 2500

Everglades Hotel

Prehen road

Located a 5-minute taxi ride from the town centre. Everglades will have a delicious fine dining; five course Sunday lunch on the week of Halloween, which is perfect for families with kids and while you relax, there is kid’s entertainment for the duration of the lunch and with Halloween on, it will make it that extra fun for the kids. It is the perfect place to be on the Halloween week.

Facebook @theevergladeshotel

Contact – 028 7132 1066


Blackbird Derry

Foyle street

A very popular pub recently established in the last few years has become very popular with locals and does many local beers, cider and other hot and cold beverages. Located on a very busy Foyle street it is the perfect place to take in the full experience of Halloween.

Facebook  @Blackbirdderry

Contact – 028 7136 2111

Gate bistro Derry

34 Ferry quay street

One of the best cocktail bars in Derry-Londonderry and a great place for food, offering a nice menu while being spoilt for choice on their delicious cocktails. Perfect to go and enjoy a meal with family during the week of Halloween.

Facebook  @Gatebistroderry

Contact – 028 7136 4330


Walled City Brewery

10 Ebrington square

Here on Halloween there is a wide range of fantastic Halloween drinks available such as

-“Black Magic” (Black vodka, chambord, pomegranate juice) which is a delicious cockatil.

-“Gall of Goat” (creme de menthe, Bailey’s, grenadine) which is a shot.

-“Half Hung McNaughten – (a whiskey sour)

-Pumpkin Spice Ale and Hazelnut Ale.

-“Witches Brew” (Gin and elderflower)

These drinks are perfect for the Halloween occasion.

Facebook @walledcitybrewery

Contact- 028 7134 3336