Spirit Worlds

This year, Derry Halloween will unfold across five different Worlds, each representing a different spirit of Samhain. Three of the Worlds are located in the city itself, one in Donegal and one in Strabane. The myths and mischief of Samhain will be interwoven throughout, connecting our city to the Worlds Beyond the Walls. 

Choose the Samhain spirit you connect most with, and move through the city soaking up installations and atmosphere, myths and magic as each World showcases music and mischief to fill the imagination. 

World 1 ~ The Whispering Wharf

Queens Quay, Foyle Embankment

As the chilling winds rise from the sea to greet her, Cailleach Queen of Winter, Goddess of the Cold and winds will lead visitors through Samhain storytelling and the ghost stories that haunt both our World and the World Beyond The Walls. 

World 2
~ The City of Bones

Guildhall Square, The Diamond

Prepare yourself to meet Walter de Burgh and his ancestors as they haunt the confines of the Walled City, turning it into their very own ‘City of Bones’. With installations and guises to chill even the coldest of hearts, the spirit of this starved knight will be welcomed by the people of Derry as they embrace Samhain. 

World 3 ~ The Awakening & The Forest of Shadows

Ebrington Square | St. Columb’s Park

As the veil between this world and the next decays, the days of Samhain and Halloween open the door for an Awakening. Portals emerge allowing eager crowds to move through the Samhain circle. As ominous spirits appear… waiting.

Drifting along the banks of the Foyle, nothing is what it seems as you enter the lair of Phantom Queen Morrigan. Welcoming you with dancing flames and hypnotic, mesmerising displays, luring you into the depths of the forest. Beware of paths lined with shape-shifting creatures and shadows that disguise whatever Queen Morrigan desires.

World 4 ~ The Lost Wolrd


Spooky shenanigans are set to return to Strabane this autumn as Halloween descents on the town once again. A gruesome programme of animation and festivities will occur around the town. The Halloween Hay trail will be around the district from 15th – 31st October. There will be a spooktacular firework display which you can watch from the safety of your home on Sunday 31st October. As the veil between our world and the world of spirits begins to slip, we will know more about what lies in wait. Keep your wits about you, and your eyes peeled.

World 5 ~ The Ancients

Swan Park

The ancient Red Branch Knights of Ulster (An Croabh Rua) lie sleeping in full battle armour, ready to ride forth at Ireland’s moment of greatest need. Be prepared as they ready themselves to ride forth to Swan Park Buncrana, where you can experience legends, lore, and characters associated with the Red Branch Knights. Imagine how they might march again towards Lough Swilly on Halloween night, telling and reliving their stories.