The Awakening the Forest of Shadows

The Awakening & The Forest of Shadows

Ebrington Square |St. Columb’s Park

Fri 29th – Sat 31st October, 5pm – 10pm

Sun 31st October, 4.30pm – 9pm

As the veil between this world and the next decays, the days of Samhain and Halloween open the door for an Awakening. Portals emerge allowing eager crowds to move through the Samhain circle. As ominous spirits appear… waiting.

Drifting along the banks of the Foyle, nothing is what it seems as you enter the lair of Phantom Queen Morrigan. Welcoming you with dancing flames and hypnotic, mesmerising displays, luring you into the depths of the forest. Beware of paths lined with shape-shifting creatures and shadows that disguise whatever Queen Morrigan desires.